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Hollywood in Vienna 2009

The first  MAX STEINER FILM MUSIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD went to the oscar- and grammy winner John Barry, who has written some of the most memorable movie music of our time, such as soundtracks to James Bond movies like GOLDFINGER, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE or THUNDERBALL, as well as film music to movie classics like DANCES WITH WOLVES, OUT OF AFRICA and many others.

Music Program:

Warner Bros Fanfare
Max Steiner

Casablanca Suite
Max Steiner

Lawrence of Arabia Ouverture
Maurice Jarre

A Passage To India/ Adela‘s Theme
Maurice Jarre

Seven Years In Tibet / Main Title
John Williams

Silverado / Main Title
Bruce Broughton

War And Peace
Film by Robert Dornhelm
Winner of the "Wiener Filmmusikpreis"

The Day After Tomorrow / Main Title
Harald Kloser

Star Wars / Throne Room And Finale
John Williams
Conducted by John Axelrod

A Tribute To John Barry

Goldfinger/ Main Title

Out Of Africa Main Title
Conducted by Nicholas Dodd

Dances With Wolves
Conducted by Nicholas Dodd

Bond Suite
Conducted by Nicholas Dodd

Gone With The Wind
Max Steiner
Conducted by John Axelrod