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Hollywood in Vienna 2015


At the very beginning of our journey we visit the gloomy estate Manderley from the well known Hitchcock classic Rebecca, before meeting the eccentric Addams Family in their dilapidated Viktorian Mansion. Subsequently, we get to know Ernest Menville, an undertaker, who shall help to renew the battered bodies of his immortal ex-wifes in Death Becomes Her.
Our eerie tour then leads us to Disney's Phantom Manor, the settlement of Cuesta Verde, in which a Poltergeist walks abroad, and the fabulous world of Alice in Wonderland. In the film set of Perfume - the Story of a Murderer we will be bewitched by a perfect perfume and later on we find ourself in Paris, to reveal the enigmatic Da Vinci Code. We then witness the curious transformation of Benjamin Button, finally ending in the midst of The Omen, where the fallen angel casts a spell over us.


In the second part of our concert we honor our these year’s laureate for the Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award 2015, James Newton Howard. His oeuvre encompasses more than 120 scores, including soundtracks to all of M. Night Shyamalan’s mystery thrillers, like Signs and The Village, Disney's Maleficent and Atlantis, as well as Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Furthermore, Howard scored one of the most known films of the early 1990s. We relive Pretty Woman, as well as the sevenfold Oscar-nominated The Prince of the Tides and One fine Day.

Recently, James Newton Howard gained a lot of attention for his music to The Hunger Games trilogy and especially for the song »The Hanging Tree«, performed by Oscar-Winner Jennifer Lawrence. For many weeks, the song was No 1 of the charts in Austria and Germany.

Howard was awarded for his versatile work with a Grammy and Emmy and received 8 Oscar-nominations.