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Hollywood in Vienna 2016

The Sound of Space

The music of 2001: A Space Odyssey lead us to outer space and made us experience its infinite dimension.
Interstellar, between the stars, we entered the infamous, global Star Wars and were rescued by Star Trek's spaceship »Enterprise«, leading us to faraway musical galaxies, where no man has gone, before.
We got in Contact with extraterrestrials, Gravity pulled us back to earth and, finally, we fulfilled E.T.'s wish, to phone home.

A Tribute to Alexandre Desplat

Within the second part of the concert, we honored  the Oscar-, Golden Globe and Grammy winner Alexandre Desplat. His atmospheric melodies for Harry Potter, TwilightThe King’s SpeechThe Imitation Game and The Grand Budapest Hotel amongst others let us virtually float through the universe.

Conductor: Music Director of the Boston Pops, Keith Lockart
Presenter: Hollywood film expert Steven Gätjen