Max Steiner Award

The award is meant to be a symbol of recognition for exceptional achievements in the art of film music.

The »Max Steiner Award« commemorates the Viennese
composer Max Steiner, who invented the essential techniques of film scoring back in the 1920s and wrote the first large orchestral soundtrack in film history: King Kong.

While working at RKO and Warner Brothers, Steiner
composed more than 300 film scores (Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, amongst many others) and also wrote the Warner Bros Studio Fanfare. He was awarded with three Academy Awards and is considered as the »Father of Film Music« in Hollywood.


Hans Zimmer (2018), Danny Elfman (2017),
Alexandre Desplat (2016)James Newton Howard (2015),
Randy Newman (2014), James Horner (2013)
Lalo Schifrin (2012), Alan Silvestri (2011),
Howard Shore (2010), John Barry (2009)

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