As co-producer of »Hollywood in Vienna«, Echo Medienhaus & Christian Poettler have set the relevant financial steps, that make it possible to celebrate the gala event every year.

Christian Poettler, chief of the »echo media« company is certainly one of the »big players« in the local media scene.

With brands such as »vienna night run«, »crime night«, »Christmas in Vienna«, and »A CITY. A BOOK«, the »echo medienhaus« succeeded to profoundly enrich Vienna’s the event scene. Since 2009, Christian Poettler is also co-producer of »Hollywood in Vienna«.

»Hollywood in Vienna is very special in the portfolio of the echo media house activities. Because one of the goals of this event is to remember the Viennese composers, who had to leave the country in the Nazi time and then worked for the dream factory Hollywood«, Poettler states. And the fight against prejudice and racism is one of the main motivations of his journalistic work.