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Hollywood in Vienna 2017

Hollywood in Vienna


September 28th and 29th 2017

Not every fairytale starts with the usual formula of “Once upon a time…”. However, all fairytales touch us with the power of their inherent fantasy. They blend the beautiful and the eerie into a magical world between dreams and reality. Hollywood and fairytales have developed a very special friendship that - this year - presents us with a fantastic concert experience in the land of mythical creatures. 

We allow Beauty Belle to realise that an enchanted prince may be hiding behind the fearsome Beast. Peering behind mysterious doors, we explore a legendary parallel universe embroiled in a battle against dark powers in The Chronicles of Narnia. We accompany the brave Mulan on her adventurous journey through medieval China. In Finding Neverland, we have the unique opportunity to look over the shoulder of the author of Peter Pan while he creates his fairytale hero. We listen to the story of the shipwrecked Pi and a Bengal tiger in Life of Pi, before we follow the musical trail of other predators in order to pay homage to Simba, the Lion King.

A Tribute to Danny Elfman

During the second part of the concert, we honour a composer of countless fantastically bizarre screen fables. Danny Elfman, who has won many awards and has been nominated for four Oscars, will be awarded the Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award. As a congenial partner of the director Tim Burton, he added his unmistakably powerful sound fantasies to the morbid and playful worlds of Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride. In Batman and Batman Returns, as well as in the movie celebrating America’s yellow cult family The Simpsons, he created musical monuments for two legendary - and very different - sets of heroes.

The concert will be recorded for TV and radio and broadcasted on an international level.


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September 25th 2017

With their new program "JANOSKAS go HOLLYWOOD" the stunningly virtuosic Janoska Ensemble dedicates for the first time their love to the genre of film music! The Ensemble invites us with their deeply personal vision of classical music, the "Janoska Style", to a musical journey from the origins of Viennese film music to today's soundtrack highlights, as they have never been heard before!

With a lot of esprit, wit and lust for improvisation, the ensemble stretches the bow of Johann Strauss to the works of Viennese film music pioneers such as Max Steiner (Vom Winde verweht, Casablanca) and their prominent successors such as Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible), Ennio Morricone (Play Me the Song of Death,Cinema Paradiso) and John Williams (E.T., Schindler's ListStar Wars), Alexandre Desplat (Grand Hotel Budapest) or Justin Hurwitz (La La Land).

With their own compositions like „007 at the Naschmarkt“, based on Monty Norman's James Bond theme, the ensemble returns again in present Vienna.

The place of worship „Hollywood“ becomes the central motif, without having to renounce the musical home of the ensemble.

Strauß meets Steiner! Mozart on Pulp Fiction! - »JANOSKAS go HOLLYWOOD« - come join us!


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