the Concert

»Hollywood in Vienna« is a symphonic gala concert celebrating classic and current masterpieces of film music in the prestigious Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Concert Hall) in Vienna, capital of Austria. Within the course of each gala, the City of Vienna awards one of today’s leading film music composers with the »Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award«. The Viennese Max Steiner belongs to the most influential pioneers in the history of Hollywood movies and scored all-time classics like KING KONG, GONE WITH THE WIND and CASABLANCA.

Although the film music of Hollywood is considered as being »typically American«, the style of music can actually be traced back to Vienna, the City of Music.

Viennese composers like Erich Wolfgang Korngold (THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD) gained fame in Hollywood for creating the typical »Hollywood Sound« with rich orchestrations and romantic melodies. Besides honoring the composers, Vienna welcomes all creative people who contribute to the wonderful world of film and hopes to offer a spectacular setting for a memorable night.