The Austrian R&B, Soul and Pop singer Nadine Beiler was born May 27 in 1990 in Innsbruck (Austria). Her remarkable talent was discovered very early: She had her first performances as a singer at the age of five and started to compose her own songs by the time she was seven. She also learned to play the piano, the guitar and the harp.

She first performed on a big stage in 2006 at the »Starmania« casting show, where the 16 year old won against more than 2,500 candidates, and was elected as the winner by the TV audience. She was soon after signed by Universal Music and released her first singles (Alles, was Du willst, Was wir sind) and album (Komm doch mal rüber).

After completing high school she decided to pursue a law degree, while also focusing on composing English songs. She went to Los Angeles for several months to work together with local composers, songwriters and musicians, amongst others with the drums specialist Thomas Lang. With her song The Secret is love, Beiler joined the competition for the Austrian preliminaries for the »Eurovision Song Contest« in autumn 2010, which she won once again.

In May 2011 Beiler presented her song for the »Eurovision Song Contest« live in front of an audience of millions and was praised by music journalists all over the world as one of the best voices of the event—the beginning of an international career. A short time later she performed the hymn Chrystal of Hope, composed by the film composer Klaus Badelt, on the stage of the »Life Ball« in front of the Vienna city hall, which was broadcasted in more than 60 countries. With the album I’ve got a Voice, which was published in 2011, Beiler demonstrated—with R&B and Hiphop songs—once again her international competitive voice and versatility.

Alan Silvestri was so impressed by her singing that she performed his Grammy award winning song Believe of The Polar Express accompanied by the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra within »Hollywood in Vienna 2011«.