Since 2009, Superar provides a free and high-class musical training for every child. The renowned founding institutions of that association are Caritas of Archdiocese of Vienna, the Wiener Konzerthaus and the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Their aim is to get recognized as a social-integrative and musical movement, which creates a broad Europe-wide musical network. Musical talent, geographical background and religion are of no importance, each child gets supported equally.

Regular rehearsals, which take place two to four times a week, help to form their voice, body and understanding of music, but especially their personality. Further important additional competences are concentration, motivation, sense of community, communication skills, consideration, tolerance, critical ability, creativity and self-confidence.

Superar runs 16 locations in Austria and 11 international locations in 5 countries (Bosnia, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) with a total of about 1200 children.

A special highlight for the children’s choir was the participation in the opening show of this year’s »Eurovision Song Contest« in Vienna, where 75 members - together with the Vienna Boys’ Choir - formed the escort choir for the official »Building Bridges« hymn.