Roman Lazik, Alice Firence


Born in Genoa (Italy), Alice Firenze was educated at the Ballet School of the Scala in Milan. In 2005 she became a member of the Ballett der Wiener Staatsoper und Volkoper. In 2010 she was appointed Demi-soloist of the Wiener Staatsballett, 2013 she was promoted Soloist.

Her repertory comprises Judith in Stephan Thoss' "Blaubarts Geheimnis", Straßentänzerin in Rudolf Nurejews "Don Quixote", Solo-Sylphide in Pierre Lacottes "La Sylphide", Fee der Schönheit, Fee der Lebhaftigkeit und Pas de quatre in Peter Wrights "Dornröschen", Gefährtin des Prinzen, Kleiner Schwan und Ungarischer Tanz in Rudolf Nurejews "Schwanensee", Arabischer Tanz and Schneeflocke in Rudolf Nurejews "Der Nussknacker", Gerda in Michael Corders "Die Schneekönigin", Zigeunerin in John Crankos "Romeo und Julia", Olga in his "Onegin", Zulméa in Manuel Legris' "Le Corsaire", Lescauts Geliebte in Kenneth MacMillans "Manon", Mizzi Caspar in Kenneth MacMillan´s „Mayerling“, Helena in Jorma Elos "Ein Sommernachtstraum", Schatten der Marie Antoinette in Patrick de Banas „Marie Antoinette“, roles in Marius Petipas "Paquita", George Balanchines „Who Cares?“, Serge Lifars "Suite en blanc", Jerome Robbins’ „Glass Pieces“ and "The Four Seasons", Rudi van Dantzigs "Vier letzte Lieder", John Neumeiers "Bach Suite III" und "Vaslaw", Jiří Kyliáns „Sechs Tänze“ and „Bella Figura“, William Forsythes "The Second Detail", Nils Christes "Before Nightfall", David Dawsons "A Miillion Kisses to my Skin", Thierry Malandain´s „Mozart à 2“, Variation in Rudolf Nurejews "Raymonda" (Variation 3rd Act and Valse fantastique) as well as the (main) roles she created in András Lukács’ “Duo” in Patrick de Banas "Windspiele", Eno Pecis "Herzblume" in Natalia Horecnas "Contra Clockwise Witness" (Engel), and Antony McDonalds and Ashley Pages "Ein Reigen" (Mitzi). As a guest dancer she performed in many European countries and overseas.


Roman Lazik was born in Bratislava (Slovakia). After his education at the Dance Conservatory in his home town he joined the Slovakian National Theatre as Soloist. Hereinafter he was engaged by the PACT Ballet, Israel Ballet and once again by the Slovakian National Theatre. In 2000 he joined the Bayerisches Staatsballett where he was appointed Soloist in 2001, and First Soloist in 2003. In 2007 Roman Lazik was engaged by the Ballet of Wiener Staatsoper und Volksoper. In 2010 he was appointed First Soloist of the Wiener Staatsballett. 
His repertory in former engagements comprised main roles in classical productions as well as in creations of choreographs like George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, John Cranko, Kenneth MacMillan, Hans van Manen, Lucinda Childs, John Neumeier, Mats Ek, Jiří Kylián, Graeme Murphy and William Forsythe.
His Viennese repertory comprises James in Pierre Lacottes "La Sylphide", Herzog Albrecht in Elena Tschernischovas „Giselle“, Solor in Vladimir Malakhovs „Die Bajadere“, Prinz Siegfried in Rudolf Nurejews „Schwanensee“, Drosselmeyer/Der Prinz in Rudolf Nurejews "Der Nussknacker", Prinz Nussknacker in Gyula Harangozós „Der Nussknacker“, Johann in Roland Petits „Die Fledermaus“, Romeo in John Crankos „Romeo und Julia“, the title role in John Crankos „Onegin“, Des Grieux in Kenneth MacMillans "Manon", Kronprinz Rudolph in Kenneth MacMillan´s „Mayerling“, Oberon in Jorma Elos "Ein Sommernachtstraum", Espada in Rudolf Nurejews „Don Quixote“, Der Engel in John Neumeiers "Josephs Legende", Partner in Boris Eifmans "Giselle Rouge", Junger Dichter in „Platzkonzert“ from Gyula Harangozó sen., Witwe Simone in Frederick Ashtons "La Fille mal gardée" as well as main roles in George Balanchines "Stravinsky Violin Concerto", Serge Lifars "Suite en blanc", Harald Landers "Études", Jerome Robbins’ „In the Night“, „Glass Pieces“ and "The Four Seasons", Rudi van Dantzigs „Vier letzte Lieder“, Twyla Tharps „Variationen über ein Thema from Haydn“, John Neumeiers "Bach Suite III", Jiří Kyliáns „Petite Mort“ and „Bella Figura“, Nils Christes "Before Nightfall", Myriam Naisys „Ederlezi“, Jean-Christophe Maillots "Vers un Pays Sage", Jorma Elos „Glow – Stop“, Helen Picketts "Eventide", Jiří Bubeníčeks „Le Souffle de l’esprit“, Christopher Wheeldons "Fool's Paradise" and András Lukács’ „In Your Eyes My Face Remains“ as well as ein Duo from Roland Petits „Proust ou les Intermittences du cœur“ and Pas de deux (2nd Act) from Rudolf Nurejews "Cindarella". In Jorma Elos „Ein Sommernachtstraum“ he created the role of Lysander, in Patrick de Banas „Marie Antoinette“ the role of Ludwig XVI and András Lukács' "The White Pas de deux", in Natalia Horecnas "Contra Clockwise Witness" the role of Ein Engel, in Antony McDonalds and Ashley Pages "Ein Reigen" die role of Arnold Schönberg.
He has appeared as guest dancer in many European countries and overseas.
Awards and honours: Bronze medal: Ballet Competition in New York (1996), 1st Prize: Ballet Competition in Brno (1996), 1st Prize: ÖTR contest in Vienna (1997), Philip Morris Ballet Flower Award (1995 and 1996), Prize of the Prime Minister of Slovakia (1996), Prize of the Literarily Fund of Slovakia (1999).