Karen Rubio Lugo

Mexican born dancer, Karen Lugo, was awarded first prize in Almeria’s Flamenco Festival, took the first place at Finland’s Flamenco Festival of Contemporary Dance, and came third as the choreographer of the XVII Spanish and Flamenco Dance Contest of Madrid.

She performed as a soloist in productions such as “Sangre Nueva Jóvenes Flamencos” at the Teatro Español of Madrid, in the XIV Festival de Jerez, in “Los Novíssimos Edition”, in “Los Veranos del Corral” in Granada, in “Flamencos and Mestizos” of the SGAE Fundation at the Sala Berlanga in Madrid, in “Concierta Independendcia” at the Lunario, and at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City.

Under the direction of Javier Latorre, she participated in the film “Flamenco Flamenco” by Carlos Saura and as principal dancer in the show “El Duende y el Reloj”. Invited by Juan Carlos Lerida, she obtained an artist residency and creative position in the Festival Flamenc Empiric at the Mercat de les Flores in Barcelona.

With Israel Varela she created the Made in Mexico Duo, which collaborates with musicians from all over the world. They have toured through Indonesia, the Middle East, Italy, the US, Spain, and Mexico.

In November 2012, she premiered her show “Flamenco Territorio DeMente” in Seattle, which resulted in an US tour visiting cities such as Olympia, LA, and Washington DC.

In collaboration with Flamenco Foundation Casa Patas, she has premiered three shows: “Flamencura”, “Flamenco Territorio DeMente”, and “Flamenco Frequencies”, which were performed during tours in the Middle East and the United States.

She is also a member of the Mujerclorika Quintet alongside Alicia Carrasco and José Manuel León, a project that focuses on female socio-cultural issues. It has received excellent reviews from both the public and the press.

At the side of José Maldonado and Nino de los Reyes, she created AMORENTE, a tribute to the genius of Enrique Morente which premiered at the Festival Flamenco de Madrid.

She is currently performing in her latest show titled “SerSiente”, which was premiered at the Teatro Alarife de Guadalajara and is touring Russia and Germany.

As a dancer of the renowned Kaari and Roni Martin’s Company, she plays the role of Carmen in the show Kill Carmen.

She also launched the initiative Comparte*Arte in Mexico, a series of concerts and workshops to support the victims of the September 19th earthquakes.

Under the direction of Javier Latorre, she was a dancer, soloist, and choreographer in “FLAMENCONAUTAS” at Festival de Jerez 2018.