Insingizi & Friends

This extraordinary trio from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe offers uplifting performances filled with harmonious a cappella singing, traditional chants, hand percussion, and superb choreography. Their songs possess a gentleness and honesty that stir the soul, conveying a wide range of challenges facing people today. Insingizi music is filled with hope, optimism and faith.

Their first CD ‘Voices of Southern Africa’ sold more than 250 000 copies (Two hundred and fifty thousand) in North America and was certified gold. Such success has not been without hard work and relentless effort. To support their albums, Insingizi has been busy since the release of the first album, touring extensively with their many projects that include MoZuluArt, Hans Theesink band and their solo projects.

The group’s success has caught the eye of renowned music critics and in March 2010, Insingizi were rewarded with the "Prix France Musique du Monde 2010" (Radio France World Music Award) at the Babel Med World Music Forum in Marseille France. As testimony to their growing influence and unique masterpieces, Insingizi’s music has been featured on various documentary films on TV stations that include the BBC (UK), ORF (Austria), ARD (Germany), PBS (USA) and ARTE (France) to mention but a few.

Insingizi’s music is filled with hope, optimism and faith. Wherever they go, the purity of their vocal interplay is overwhelmingly beautiful, the lyric is ultimately hopeful, and the inherent tone of their message is true to their spiritual beliefs. Put simply, an evening with Insingizi is a sure recipe for a truly inspirational experience.”

2018 they team up with the singers Noma Nkwali and Smiley Divizenz.