Gedeon Burkhard was born in Munich and raised bilingually in German and English, subsequently attending boarding school in England and American high school. He starred in his first movie Aunt Maria when he was 10, his second lead role followed one year later in the American/German co-production Blood and Honor as Hartmut Keller. Due to his bilingual upbringing, he was the only actor who did not have to be dubbed in either version. After high school, Burkhard concentrated on his professional training, attending musical school and taking speech and acting classes.

In 1988 Burkhard starred in the motion picture Welcome to Germany, next to Tony Curtis, which marked the beginning of his career as a grownup. Since then, Burkhard has acted in numerous films, including Acting it Out (German Film Award/Movie and Bavarian Film Award/Actor) by acclaimed German director Wortman, Silence like Glass by Carl Schenkel and Making Up (Student Academy Award USA/German Film Award) by Katja von Garnier. He also starred in the internationally successful television series Inspector Rex (sold to over 140 territories) and Cobra 11 (an action series, sold to over 120 territories).

In 2006 Burkhard portrayed Henry Neumann, a Jewish boxer trapped in a boxcar with his family on the way to Auschwitz, in the motion picture The last Train and 2009 he played the Jewish Basterd Will Wicky in Quentin Tarantino’s movie Inglourious Basterds. In October 2011 Gedeon Burkhard was seen in the cinemas next to Gudrun Landgrebe, Catherine Flemming and Konstantin Wecker in the World War drama Wunderkinder, directed by Marcus Rosenmüller, produced by the renowned Artur Brauner. The love of music and the friendship connect nations, which is the idea of Rosenmüllers film.

Further films of Gedeon Burkhard include the comedy Ohne Gnade with his fellow actor Jürgen Prochnow, and the Italian thriller Between the Olive Trees, directed by the American David Worth. In 2011 Gedeon Burkhard was also filming the movie Ludwig II, playing the character of Graf Max von Holstein along with Hannah Herzsprung, Peter Simonischek and Uwe Ochsenknecht.

Gedeon Burkhard has been hosting the gala concert Hollywood in Vienna since 2010.